Tragedi Temba kan New Zealand. Ini Respons Dr Maza Buat Umat Islam Semua Setuju.الله أكبر

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Tragedi Tembakan New Zealand. Ini Respons Dr Maza Buat Umat Islam Semua Setuju.الله أكبر | Kejadian temba kan di sebuah masjid New Zealand baru ni betul-betul menggemparkan dunia. Sangat kejam. Terkini ini respons Dr Maza buat ramai umat Islam setuju. Allahuakbar.


Bila seorang Islam buat jahat, bunuh orang, dia dipanggil pengganas, dan terus sabitkan dia dan agama Islam. Dan orang seluruh dunia dicanang supaya berhati-hati dengan umat Islam.

Namun, bila orang bukan Islam buat pembunuhan beramai-ramai. Mereka tidak sabitkan dengan agama, malahan mengatakan tunggu siasatan seperti ianya satu kes yang sangat kecil.

Tulisan Asal

If he were a muslim, they’d call him a terrorist. Condemns from all corner of the world and from all rank of people will be reported.

Then, they directly or indirectly, will associate his crime with his religion. They also might describe the current situation is in the state of emergency.

So, they will make the world feel like all muslims need to be watched.

However, because the criminal is not a muslim and the victims are Muslims, they said we need to wait for the investigation. Don’t jump to the conclusion so fast.

This is our ‘civilised world’ today.

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